Vertical Packing

INOVPACK closely follows the technologic innovations and designs unique products, and the food products are packaged without any contacts thanks to the hygienic body of the vertical packing machine. This machine perfectly works with all packaging types with hot or cold claw options.

The machine is compatible with different filling systems such as scale and liquid filling, fills the products with highly sensitive dosing system and easily controlled with a PLC unit.

The stainless steel body and electronic cabin functions like the first day for long years.

The vertical packing machine is compatible with gas, tag and printer systems and can work with printed and transparent foils.

The machines packs for pillow, stand-up or quadro package types as it can be specially designed for the product.


General features

Easy format change
Ease-to-use with operator panel
Servomotor claw movement
Servomotor foil movement
P.I.D heat control system
Sensor-controlled security valves
Inverter controller output conveyor
20 program memory
Alarm detection on screen
PLC control system
High sensitivity servo drivers
Long pneumatic system life
10 inch control panel
Protection with fuse and thermal relays

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