Vegetable-Fruit Packing Line

INOVPACK has the necessary equipment and know-how in vegetable and fruit packing and offers the expected quality with its new generation packing methods.

Vegetable-Fruit Packing Lines specially designed for the used product includes a design to prevent the damages on the packed product.

The loadcell sensitive weighing method and the alarm detection system on the screen enables almost zero error operation. Thus, you can prevent any negative outcomes.

Vegetable and Fruit Lines manufactured with INOVPACK’s technology has a memory capacity up to 20 programs. The touchscreen advantages both enables ease-of-use and adjusting the inverter controlled belt speeds.

The stainless steel chassis and electric cabins are durable for long years.

Vegetable-Fruit Packing Lines help the products to remain fresh for a long time and act as a proof that hygiene is not compromised.


Cherry Packing Line

Cherry Packing Line

With superior engineering and design concepts, INOVPACK products are shaped for your needs. Cherry Packing Line specially designed for cherry and blueberry is introduced to the manufacturing in line with this need.

Cherry Packing Line can pack 60 packages per minute and enables packing products between 100-1000 gr. The weighing pan design to prevent product damages and special product dispenser system is designed to prevent any negative outcomes during packing.

With the ultrasound sensor level control and loadcell sensitive weighing system, your operations become more systematic while ensuring operational efficiency. The easy-to-use touchscreen is one of the best examples of smart technology in INOVPACK products. Inverter controlled belt speeds give you the opportunity to adjust these value for your needs.

This offers a more affordable solution that ready-made cups with the self-making system in the Thermoform machine. Again, by making cups from the coil, it saves less space in your inventory and gives you a larger space in your warehouse.

Saving from height and speed with quadruplet dispenser is among the most important advantages of Cherry Packing Line. Another advantage is the long product life of stainless steel chassis and electric cabins.


Grouping Inside the Process

Product Selection Belts

Product Transport Elevators

Two-Way Product Distribution Conveyors

Product Feed with Vibration

Low Angle Multi-Weighing Pan Horizontal Scale

Quadruplet Dispenser System

Thermoform Packing Machine

Packaging Sequencing System

Check Weigher System

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