Tray Sealer

Tray Sealer machine can be specially designed for the shape and speed of the cup and for the product and this machine enables you to best utilize your manufacturing space with 180-degrees mobile touch control screen that offers you an easy use.

With Tray Sealer machine’s automatic cup feeding system, you can rapidly transfer your products to cup and increase the shelf life with top foil attachment system. Cutting the desired shape system will give you an aesthetic look for presentation.

Tray Sealer machine can work with different filling systems such as scale, screw and liquid filling and the machine accelerates the manufacturing process with automatically capping system and automatic cup sequencing to turn your workflow more professional.


General Properties

Easy format change
Ease-to-use with operator panel
PLC control system
Servomotor chain movement
Fire wrap system
Ability to work with photocell top film
PID temperature controlled bonding with PLC system
Emergency stop button (On Chassis and Control Panel)
Printer, label etc. possibility of integration into systems
Vacuum and gas option

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