INOVPACK Machine offers special design options for products in packing and packaging and provides a huge advanced in terms of thermoform packing machinery with long product lifecycle with single-piece stainless steel body and stainless steel electric cabin.

Pressed and transparent operation opportunity for hard and soft foils, ease-of-use with operator panels and compatibility with different filling systems such as scale liquid filling will meet all of your expectations.

With vacuum and gas option system, this machinery enables a seamless packing process.


INOVPACK Machinery enables an easy and fast packing process with all the opportunities, and you can pack and package in various fields such as fresh-dried fruits, vegetable products, packed foods, bakery products, meat and meat products, dairy, and dairy products.

General Properties

Easy format change
Ease-to-use with operator panel
PLC control system
Servomotor chain movement
P.I.D heat control system
Sensor-controlled security valves
Inverter controller output conveyor
20 program memory
Alarm detection on screen
Mitsubishi control system
Tsubaki stainless steel chain
SMC pneumatic
Mitsubishi control panel
DVP, BUSCH or BECKER vacuum pump
Siemens fuse and thermal relays

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