Pomegranate Sorting

Pomegranate Sorting Machine specially designed for pomegranate helps you to maximize your labor and time saving.

Pomegranate Sorting Machine can divide 5 tons of pomegranate per hour to different sizes and makes 10 different grouping. Every detail to protect the products in this process is considered. Accordingly, a design to prevent crown breakage is developed and a carrying cup system is integrated to prevent the products to get damaged.

Pomegranate Sorting Machine is renewed according to the current technology, and it has 20 program memory capacity. It enables ease-of-use to everyone with touchscreen. Inverter controlled belt speeds can be adjusted for your needs.

The loadcell sensitive weighing method and the alarm detection system on the screen enables almost zero error operation. Thus, you can prevent any negative outcomes.

With sensor controlled positioning property, you can get a systematic structure by determining movement control, counting, object position, direction, speed, and distance.

The use of stainless steel conveyors brings important factors such as aesthetic, durable, and hygienic use.

The data obtained throughout the process are presented to you in detail with reporting property.

Grouping Inside the Process

Pomegranate Feeding Conveyor Group

  • Product Transport Conveyors
  • Weighting Conveyors
  • Grouping Conveyors
  • Output Conveyors
  • Idle Pulley Transfer Conveyors.
  • Empty Box Transfer Conveyors.
  • Full Box Transfer Conveyors.
  • Air Spraying Pre-Cleaning
  • Washing-Drying Tunnel
  • Quality Control with Camera

Pomegranate Sorting Machine Gallery