Conveyor Systems

Today, conveyors are used in almost all sectors. These specially designed systems are offered as conveyor solutions by INOVPACK’s quality to meet the needs of all these sectors.

Conveyors give speed and agility to users by significantly decreasing the labor for corporate work with low service costs, minimum energy requirement and maximum time saving.

INOVPACK conveyors are manufactured as stainless, galvanized, or painted depending on the content of the carried products and can have modular belts or PVC belts depending on the project. Modular belt conveyor group is designed for applications to carry products that need a fixed support of a large chain. PVC belt conveyors are preferred when the carried materials do not have a uniform surface.

The systems operating in the fruit and vegetable sector are divided as box carrying conveyors, case carrying conveyors, case rolling conveyors and product package carrying conveyors.

The systems used in the food sector are classified as feed systems, package gathering-grouping systems, box carrying-sequencing systems and carrying conveyors.

The carrying conveyors outside the food sector enables ease-of-use in health, automotive and electronic fields.


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