Bag Sealing Machine

INOVPACK’s advance technology machines offers high-quality packing solutions and enables a seamless and fast bag sealing operation inside the boxes.

The strong construction with the stainless steel body has 15 box bagging per minute capacity. Since the surfaces that contact with the products are stainless steel, it enables easy cleaning and introduces high hygiene.

INOVPACK Bag Sealing Machine inspired from the innovative technology can make a special definition for each box with up to 10 program memory. You can start your operation with a single button on the 10 inch colored touchscreen which enables ease-of-use and adjustment.

The simple mechanical structure that does not complicate things, easy format change and accessing the machine from every point gives you maximum efficiency and saves time.

In this process, the boxes are fed by placing them on the Bag Sealing Machine. While dynamism is created with servomotor box movement, servomotor controlled bag opening system automatically and ergonomically places the boxes inside the bags.


General Properties

Electric Switch Doors
Large Access Distance Electric Cabin
Servomotor Controlled Film Movement
Pneumatic Controlled Horizontal Claw Sealing
Sealing Heat Adjustable from the Screen
Film Control with High Resolution Encoder
AC Motor Controlled Foil Tensioning System
Bag Opening with Handlebar System
Rolled Box Transfer Conveyors
Air Pressure Bag Perfusion System
Easy Coil Changing Property

Bag Sealing Machine