INOVPACK addresses a global audience:

Our firm managed to be a globally acknowledged and competitive firm with packing machines, scales and end of line solutions which are manufactured under international quality standards.

INOVPACK has more than 15 years of experience in the sector and aims to offer creative, flexible, and effective solutions based on customer requirements with its R&D works in machine and technology field and innovative perspective acquired with manufacturing and service know-how.

INOVPACK offers an experience and reliable business partnership in a wide area.

When it comes to the experts in this field, in-depth analysis of the technical and operational requirements of the products and overcoming challenges are the essence of INOVPACK’s approach.

The experienced and visionary team in the firm works in an organized way with active communication system in the manufacturing process. The in-company training supports the innovation-based development culture by expanding the knowledge of the team.

Service and Solution Support for Foreign Machines

Thermoform, Vertical Machine, Scales Revisions

Thermoform and Tray Sealer Machine Cast Manufacturing

Maintenance, Service and Spare Part Support to Foreign Machines

“INOVPACK offers the state-of-art technological solutions for your projects by combining the know-how with the vision for future.”